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Mikenna MacLachlan

Thank you for this response! It was a very interesting and informative read and you've given me some more things to read about that I was unaware of.

I do want to say for the record that I'm not pro-abortion, my stance is that I am pro-all choices available to everyone (if that makes sense, it's why I say pro-choice). I want to see people be able to make the right choice for themselves, and have it not be because of social or economic reasons. If the person wants to have the baby, I want to see that she is able to do so and to not have to abort because there is no way she could afford to raise a child she wants to have.

I also want to see that those who wish to put their child up for adoption know that they're not going to be feeding into this "adoption business" that has been forming here in the US while other children are left without families.

As you said, the process to fix the problems are going to be slow going, but hopefully we can at least get the ball rolling to start the process.

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